At Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori School Frisco we offer three types of programs. For toddlers, Pre primary and Primary children the timings are as follows:

Half Day: 8.30 am to 11.30 am

School Day: 8.30 am to 3.00 pm

Full Day: 7 am to 6 pm

We have programs for infants from the ages of six weeks to six years of age. The ratios in all the class rooms are very low and the children get exceptional care during their stay at Cypress Creek Montessori.

Infant Program

infant2The infant program at Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori School of Frisco lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It is said that learning in infancy sets the pattern for life. It should not be random and chaotic but systematic and structured.

Dr. Montessori said, “If we consider the child’s first environment- in the womb of the mother- we realize that nature has given us a clue to an ideal environment. Here the child has warmth, nourishment, security, shelter, protection and freedom to develop”. The prepared environment and the sensorial training, which Dr. Montessori developed, are consistent with the developmental needs and capabilities of a very young child.

The infant room at Cypress Creek Montessori provides all the above. We have a nurturing staff with many years of experience. They teach sign language, language development skills and music and movement.

Toddler Program (approximately 18 months to 3 years)

toddler1In the toddler room the children are learning to follow a routine. Since this is their first time away from home it is essential to make it a positive experience. Many aspects of a toddler’s life are developed at this time- such as emotional, intellectual, physical and character development. Language enrichment which includes vocabulary building, rhyming words, sequencing, and opposites are just a few ways in which a child starts the basis of reading. Small and large motor activities and practical life exercises prepare the children for the next level.

The children have the opportunity for social interaction. They learn to work both individually or in a group. Since the children have a limited attention span the toddlers work in half hour sessions.

In partnership with the parents, the guides (teachers) help to toilet train the children. Parents are encouraged to visit our classroom during work time and observe their child through our one- way windows.

Primary Program (3 years to 6 years)

primaryThe primary classes at Cypress Creek Montessori are very well equipped to offer pre kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade work. The mixed age grouping of three to six years of age in the same room helps the children to advance to the next level without changing class rooms.

Maria Montessori says that, ‘Hand is the Teacher’. All concepts are presented through the use of concrete materials- with hands on. In Montessori education, we place a high value on the senses. Not only do we understand how the training and the refinement of the senses gives the child a strong basis for learning but we allow for the role of esthetics in the development of the whole child. The class rooms are beautifully arranged with plants and flowers. Each child in the room works at his own pace. It is an eye opener for the parents to see how eagerly the children work in this free environment.

There are five major areas of work in a Montessori class room- practical life, sensorial, language, math and cultural. The child has the freedom to choose his work with the guidance of the teacher.

Included in the curriculum are various activities which help in enriching the program. In keeping with the advances in technology we offer computers to our four year old children. Spanish and music appreciation is introduced at the infant level. During the course of the day the children do art, cooking, nature study and yoga.

We offer after school classes for art, music, ballet and gymnastics. These are optional and the parents pay directly to the agency providing the service.